Ecotourism in Antarctica:
Seeing is Believing

       What image do you have about Antarctica? The great ice continent? The coldest place? A blanket of snow? You may have other images. However, Antarctica is not a dead place. For example, penguins, seals and whales live in the Antarctic, which is animal’s continent. Some scientist stated Antarctica should be closed to tourists, because the environment is broken by them. Is the opinion all right? I don’t agree everything with the opinion. We should travel in Antarctica as a tourist.
       When I go to Antarctica, it is possible to understand the reason why we should protect environment, because there are many environmental problems in Antarctica. The global warming is one of the most serious problems in the Earth. However, many people don’t have serious about the problem because it is not at hand. One the other hand, the Antarctic is near the problem; thawing an iceberg and a glacier, rise of sea level, etc. For that reason, some scientists in Antarctica say tourists have no responsibility which they throw away trash on the place and hurt the animals. They are not punished because of no government in Antarctica. However, are scientists’ opinions all right? In my idea, now, tourists set rules for them to follow to protect the environment. Like many people, they take care of the only earth, for example, taking my litter away with me and banning from touching animals in the wild. They are quite fundamental rules. The scientist has a misunderstanding about tourists who are pioneers.
       Second my opinion, tourists are person who are looking for the new discovery of emotion. I’ll agree as a tourist. Antarctica, which has unusual animals and plants, is a unique world. While I have seen some penguins at a zoo, I’ve never seen a flock of a hundred penguins. However, we might be able to see a flock of them at South Georgia Island, near the Antarctic (※). Tourists, of course, can see unforgettable landscapes. It is different to look at the picture of an iceberg and to see a real iceberg of the Antarctic Ocean. The scene is probably beyond our imagination.
       Finally, we can influence scientist’s research in Antarctica. Many scientists (biologists, geologists, meteorologists, and others) research in the place. If we ask them some questions, they may reply because they like to talk about them own idea. The more tourists listen to the lecture, the more they want to learn because they are eaten up with more and more curiosity. Antarctica is a huger library than school’s.
       It is possible for us to knowing the environmental problems if we travel Antarctica. Besides being impressed with the ice world, tourists can learn scientists’ opinion. Therefore, I think the Antarctic should be opened to tourists. I know the saying that seeing is believing. We think that we want to break restriction even if someone restrains things. If it is true, we should choose opening rather than a ban. Going to Antarctica, We should see and know the real environmental problems.

The king penguin colony on South Georgia island
– in pictures | Environment | guardian.co.uk